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Entire country moved to Level 3 restrictions

As outlined by Government, the entire country is now in Level 3 of Covid restrictions, under Level 3 there are three areas of particular importance for sailing:

  1. Pods and Social Distancing: only single-handed or same-household sailing is allowed unless social distancing can be maintained while aboard
  2. Competition: no domestic sailing competition permitted (Local, Regional or National).
  3. Sailors from neighbouring counties are not to cross the border to go sailing.
Unfortunately this means the postponment of the Cooler Series and I think there are a few sailors who are not too happy about this as they were rising through the ranks and were due a podium spot for the winter league.

We have also cancelled the Junior training that was on sunday mornings but any of the sailors that are in this group and can satisfy the conditions above  and a re level 3 sailors or better then they are more than welcome to join us on sunday afternoons. Thanks to Damian Des Margaret and the other helpers/instructors  that were instrumental in setting this up and hopefully we can start it again early in the new year.

Weather Permitting we will still be opens on Sundays @ 13:00 for the time being for pleasure sailing so this means that you can only go solo sailing or take out your own boat or a club omega as a double hander with someone from your own family.

Last Sunday Storm Alex was approaching and although there was no racing there was still a few adrenalin Junkies who went out for a sail to test out the gusty conditions on the Lake.  Thanks to Margaret Hynes for the Pictures.   Looking forward to meeting up again 

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