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Another year and another sailing season in Cullaun and what a great day to get the season started.
12:30PM, the compound empty of people and boats. 1:30PM, the compound packed with people and their boats back from their winter hibernation.

There was great weather for the first day of sailing this year. It started out as a calm morning but by midday there was a nice South westerly breeze and plenty of sunshine to give ideal sailing conditions.
By 2:30PM, all the boats were eventually rigged and I had figured out how to work the new engine on the Safety boat, so it was out on to the water for everyone. Eleven boats were on the water, including juniors who went out in the Omega's.

Seven boats started the first race and it was closely fought with three different boats leading at various stages.
First across the finish line was Michael & Niamh Haig in their Wayfarer followed closely by Margaret and Mike Hayes and Rae Hughes came third. Others to finish were Jim & Lelia, Des and Pat, Phillippe, and Mike and Sean.
Nine boats started the second race. Again it was closely fought. There was a shift in the wind during the race which was read well by Jim to give him the lead for two laps. The wind changed back again on the final beat and Margaret took advantage of it to speed across the finish line a few seconds before Jim. Mike and Niamh were in third place.
Back to the club house for hot tea at 4:30 after a most enjoyable day on the water.
Thanks to Billy for doing the time keeping and recording the race results and thanks to Marco for assisting us.

Kevin Ryan

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