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Despite the miserable weather there was a very good turnout at the Kilkishen Cultural center last night for the clubs E.G.M. This was an important evening as the meeting was a one-item agenda, whether we proceed with the building of the clubhouse or not. My first duty as commodore was to hand over all responsibility of the meeting to the building committee and the fundraising committee (liking this job so far) to explain where we stand at present with the planning, the finances, the time frame and the projected impact on the club and our future. The floor was opened to questions and any question regarding all aspects of the build were welcomed and I think answered.

The vote was held at the end of this discussion and the result was unanimously in favour of proceeding with the build.
We will continue to fund raise in order to complete the build with the minimum of stress on the members and the club. If you would like to make a donation then click http://www.cullaunsailingclub.com/index.php/donations (or paste into browser). If anyone wishes to set up a fundraiser themselves or has any other ideas for fundraising they can contact either Colm ward or myself. All contributions and ideas are welcomed.

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There will be an impact on this seasons sailing (more than likely towards the end of the season) but we will deal with that as best as we can and we hope to have minimal interruption to what is a fast approaching sailing season, Barely three weeks away!!
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the building committee (Tommy, Mick, Tom and Jim) for their time and effort in getting us to this stage, (this time last year it looked like a bridge too far) and the fundraising committee for all their efforts also. I would also like to thank the club members for their support and their willingness to get behind this project and the club in general in all its endeavors.
As a relative newcomer to the club I hold the feeling of welcoming that comes from this small and personable club at the highest level of what we offer. I am not sure how I have become commodore (starting to get a fair idea though) but I will endeavor to do my best for the club during my tenure. I would like to thank Jim O'Sullivan for his untiring efforts over the last four years as commodore and for his continued work on the building committee. Greatly appreciated.

Des Mc Mahon - Commodore

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