oodRegattas are funny things. Their success depends on so many things and so many variables. The main ingredient as ever is people. People to sail, people to set courses, people to man the rescue, make coffee, cook food, clean up…..and the list goes on. Then you need the weather and most importantly, wind. The forecast for today's regatta was looking very dubious on the wind front and the glasslike surface that greeted us this morning did nothing to allay our fears. But as the briefing time approached, the wind began to fill and everything fell into place. The wind shifted and altered throughout the day making life interesting for the OD, making some of the beats tricky and some of the reaches beats.

The first race started in true old fashioned Cullaun style with boats approaching the rear of the committee boat from all angles and at all speeds. Mildly chaotic to say the least (protest flag anyone?) but the enterprises and RS got off to a flying start with Tom McHugh going on to win the race ( quite an achievement considering he had only taken his boat out of the garage 5 minutes before the first gun). Margaret clawed her way steadily back up through the fleet to take second place which I’m sad to say became her discard in the end.
The second race started uneventfully but the first mark saw things return to normal with Brian Parks suffering under the illusion that his enterprise is only a six inches wide. This led to some choice language, a 360, and some more choice language. Tom McHugh crossed in second with myself and Tommy Scott close behind. Thankfully for us the Portsmouth Yardstick favours the GP.
Margaret once again sailed clear to take first with all the following fleet in touch with each other throughout the race leading to close and exciting racing with the Haigs taking second place line honours (Tom McHugh taking it on Handicap) The final race had less than a minute between second and fifth. Even though the handicap moved the GP up to second it was still sickening to watch Tommy Scott pinch past us on the line (especially as we had given him a protein bar after the third race).
Four races were run back to back in glorious sunshine finishing just as the wind died altogether.
There were a lot of regular club sailors missing for a variety of reasons, other commitments, approaching exams, communions etc. But hopefully, we will see all members back on the water over the next few weeks. Thanks to all those who made the effort to travel to attend, especially Tadhg and Thomas from Killaloe sailing Club (winners of the junior trophy). It was also great to see the latest addition to the club taking to the water for the fourth race. Laura and Jane in their new Feva hopefully leading the way for a new generation of juniors.


Samantha and Maureen had the BBQ on and the food all laid out, the bucket of beer was lifted out of the lake, the boats de-rigged and a very pleasant hour or two spent socialising. The prize giving took place with the background sounds of kids swimming and canoeing.
I am a relatively new member of Cullaun but it is afternoons like this that make you appreciate what we have with this club, both with the people and the location. Sometimes we are in such a hurry to race and to get back to whatever else we have going on that we perhaps don't enjoy the possibilities of the club and the social side of being by the water as much as we could.
My thanks to all who assisted in making the day successful.


First. – Margaret Haynes and Mike Hayes
Second. – Tom McHugh and Leila O Shaughnessy
Third. – Des MacMahon and Pat Biesty.
1^St Junior – Thomas And Tadhg O Mara RS200
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