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Topper Omega 

Specifications: Beam (width): 1.88m
Length: 4.7m
Weight: 140kg
Sail Set: Main, Jib, Spinnaker
Spinnaker: Asymmetric
Main Sail Area 11.5 sq m
Jib Sail Area 3 sq m
Spinnaker Sail Area 12.5 sq m

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Club Omegas Racing
Cullaun Sailing Club received 5 new Omegas in April 2011. This was done through club funding and the Leader Grant Program. The boats have proven to be a big hit with both young and old. To date the 5 Omegas have had over 100 successful trainees achieving ISA certification up to level 3. The courses run from 2 day to 10 days. Now the Omegas are in big demand for fun, practice and club racing, From F1 to F6 winds the Omegas are on the water. Juniors preferring to sail 4 to boat in heavier conditions. It’s great to see the helm and all 3 crew members doing a dry capsize!! Junior racing on Sundays with the Omegas has provide exciting close racing. Competitive teams have from from 2 to 5 sailors per boat. 

Let’s see what some members have to say.
From kids perspective,the Omegas have been a wonderful sail training dinghy because they are relatively easy for beginners to learn all aspects of basic sailing. You can get up to 5 kids on board at a time, and we have had SOOOO Much fun with them over the last year!!!!! (Niamh Edwards) 

Commodores Comment:
Before buying the club boats we put a lot of effort and investigation in the choice. We needed sometime big enough for the adults and small enough for the children to maneuver. We reviewed a number of boats and spoke in detail to our peers in both clubs and commercial sailing centers. It was important to make the right choice as we could not afford boats of different sizes. We are delighted with our choice of boat, they have functioned exactly as we envisaged. They are workhorses for our training courses both junior and adult. They are being used as practice boats by both adults and children while the sailors gain skill and confidence. We realized that we needed club boats to give sailors a foot hold on sailing before they committed to purchasing their own boat. Happily some of the people who sailed them last year have now bought their own boat bringing new life and vitality to the club. We are thrilled that there is competition to use the omegas both on Thursday nights and Sunday afternoons. The omegas have been versatile enough to be sailed by 2 or 4 so new sailors have been able to join together to get everyone on the water

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