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The guidelines in this document relate to Phase 1 of the Irish Government’s Roadmap for

Reopening Society and Business.

This phase:

1.Permits sporting activity in open outdoor public sports amenities where social distancing can be maintained.

2.Permits people to engage in outdoor sporting and fitness activities, either individually or in very small groups  where social distancing can be maintained and where there is no contact.

Sailing is a sport for life. We know sailing provides great mental and physical health benefits for our members. In view of the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic we must ensure that our sailing is carried out safely and will not compromise the health of our members or their families.  

This practical guide, prepared by our Committee with help from , outlines the robust measures Cullaun Sailing Club will implement to safeguard volunteers and members during the COVID-19 pandemic. This will allow all of us to get back on the water safely, and improving the wellbeing of members in our Club.

The Club premises at Cullaun lake will remain closed for Phase One but not access to sailing or the water where members are less than 5km from thier home  See the attached document for full details. Document template with help from Malahide Yacht Club


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Download this file (A Practical Guide for Returning to Sailing following the Covid Phase1.pdf)Sailing during Phase 1Sailing during Phase 1125 kB
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