Phase 2 roadmap to come back sailing


There is a an old saying that there is light at the end of the tunnel but for me there is light at the end of the Rainbow and although there was a huge shower of rain yesterday there was the most beautiful rainbow shining on the clubhouse wishing all of our members from outside the 5km Zone a warm welcome back and looking forward to seeing you out on the water for thursday.  If you are bringing your boat out this week the lock is a bit sticky you have to give it a good push.


The Weather and conditions for the last few weeks have been amazing

I know it was very mean to be sending you on the pictures of the fun we were having but it didnt feel right not sharing what we have been getting up to over the last few weeks.  We have updated the website and got new covers for the Club Laser and will have lovely new Bouyancy aids with the Club crest on them in the coming weeks.

Damian and Aoife finally got out for thier Maiden voyage on thier 420 and I got to spin around on the rescue boat   while pretending to do some work but really Frank and Elaine Mulqueen have been great driving the safety boat for the last few weeks. sorry guys i dont have a picture of the two of ye
and now for the real reason i an getting on to you

Irish Sailing “Return to Sailing Phase 2 Scheme” begins on Monday 8 June

The Taoiseach confirmed the commencement of Phase 2 of the Government Roadmap due to start on Monday 8 June. Phase 2 of our Irish Sailing “Return to Sailing Scheme” is now updated to outline the measures that  members can put in place to ensure a safe return to the water.

Travel restrictions extended from 5km to 20km or within your county so we will be looking forward to seeing all of our members back on the water next week

Non-competitive supervised and unsupervised activity
Group size participating in sport grows from 4 to 15 participants (including trainers and coaches)
Mixed household crew for multi handers where social distancing can be maintained on larger boats.

Regional Development Support for clubs and centres active
The Return to Sailing Phase 2 includes updated guidelines and Risk Assessment, and a new FAQs page following consultations with clubs and centres.  Follow the Links above for the FAQ and visit our own website for Phase 2 details.

There are further changes planned for the later phases, and we will update the plan as soon as we have clarity around how this might impact the return to Sailing Scheme. It looks like we can also run our summer camp but just waiting on clarification on a few things but we will send out a seperate email  with dates and details on them after our committe meeting on Monday night.  

Dont Forget  to keep us in Compliance with Covid 19 Tracing we are asking all members and visitors to the club to fill in this form so we can see who is at the club on certain days.

Looking forward to seeing all again on Thursday.  

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