Regatta results.

Junior Regatta

The weather on Sunday could not have been better for the Junior Regatta, with 7-14 knots of north westerly wind (definitely welcome after the much heavier winds for the adult regatta the day previously). The sun was shining in the compound and we were absolutely delighted to see 29 juniors come to take part in the racing. 
We had 14 boats take part from a variety of classes, Omegas, Lasers, RS’s a Byte, a 420 and even one of the club Enterprises made a (brief) appearance on the water. After a quick briefing and an explanation of the course, everyone was ready to start the races. 

Race 1
The first race began with Aoife Hawkins and Hannah Morrissey crossing the line first in the 420 but Michéal Hayes and Laura Collins followed close behind in a club Omega and quickly claimed the position of leading boat. Most of the fleet managed to cross the line within 10 seconds of the starting gun which was very impressive considering the variety of sailing levels on the water. 
Michéal and Laura were first around the windward mark with a sizeable distance between them and the 420 in second place, and Ruth Golden and Robert Stafford in the RS200 in third. The 420 was quickly overtaken however by the RS200 and Fionn Sweeny and Darragh O’Donovan in the Laser II. Fionn and Darragh were the second boat to begin the sausage leg, displaying some excellent mark rounding skills, all their work during the summer courses has definitely paid off!
As the race ended, Michéal and Laura were first across the line, with second place going to the Laser II, third to the RS200, followed by Dearbhla Smith Lynch in the Laser, Jane Collins and Isobel Larkin in the RSFeva and Ingrid Thunder Beisty in the Laser who all finished closely within less than a minute of each other. 
Race 2
The second race began as smoothly as the first with all boats making an impressively close start. This race however we were joined by a new entrant, Rory O’Sullivan and Lucas Donlon, helm and crew, in the club Laser Radial. Lucas kindly provided extra boat trim for Rory which definitely benefited him as he was first across the line. 
A regatta wouldn’t have been a regatta without some boats getting a bit too close for comfort. Just a few boat-lengths up the beat, the 420, the RS200 and an Omega had a tussle with shouts of “starboard” echoing across the lake. Thankfully, the issue was resolved with the fouling boat doing their penalty. 
The Sweeny’s in their Laser II’s were dominating the first beat with Bláithín Sweeny and Zsuzsi Kidney rounding the windward mark first followed by Fionn and Darragh O’Donovan. Third around the mark was Rory and Lucas in their Laser. They were quickly overtaken by Dearbhla who zoomed past them, clearly making the most of her absent crew coming up to the gybe mark. 
The committee boat ran into some engine trouble and had to shorten the course early. Fionn and Darragh were first across the line, followed closely by Laura and Michéal. Dearbhla finished soon after followed by the 200 and the double handed Laser Radial. 
Race 3
The final race began as smoothly and as promptly as the others. Rory had got rid of his crew Lucas who joined Lianda and Fionn Maguire in the club Omega. They crossed the line with significant speed as the rest of the fleet was half-way up the beat. Michéal and Laura were first to the windward mark followed by Fionn and Darragh in the Laser II. On the downwind leg of the sausage however Rory had managed to take the lead in the Laser. 
The race finished with Michéal and Laura crossing the line first, Fionn and Darragh coming second, Rory third and Robert and Ruth finishing fourth. 
Wally Race
The final race of the day was by far the most challenging, and the most anticipated. This race was unlike the others as it involved capsizing at the first mark, a Chinese fire drill at the second mark and a fat-paddy* at the third and final mark. The starting sequence was also a challenge as instead of the usual 5-4-1-go, it involved crossing the line when the beat to the song we were playing from a speaker in the committee boat dropped. Maebh Hawkins displayed fantastic intuition for the music and crossed the line promptly with the rest of the fleet following close behind. Rory seemed to be a bit confused however as he sailed in the wrong direction and away from the course. He eventually found his way and managed to finish first in the race. Ingrid came a close second and Maebh came third, finishing with a dramatic fat-paddy at the end of the race. 
Overall, there was some great racing on the lake on Sunday. It was great to see all the juniors putting the skills they had learned over the summer into practice. The RS200 and the Feva were displaying great spinnaker work throughout the races and it was lovely to see the bright colours from across the lake.  It was also great to see many sailors who had just achieved their Start Sailing certificate take part. Hopefully there are many more regattas to come for this bunch!
All in all, the 2020 Cullaun Junior Regatta was an incredible success and it would not have been as successful as it was without the help of many people in the club. Thanks to Iarlaith and Róisín for doing the OOD work with me in the committee boat. Áine, Luke, Michael and Martin for providing the much-needed safety cover on the day. And last (but certainly not least) thanks to Damian, Pat, Lelia and the rest of the parents on shore for providing fantastic support throughout the day ensuring that all things ran smoothly. 
*Fat-Paddy: A technical sailing term. When the sailor  leaps from their vessel onto the  floating mark. 

Aoife Clery Ward
Congratulations are also due to the Winners of the Adult regatta.  Margaret Hynes and Mike Hayes were first across the line in all of the 4 races.It was very close racing and just pipped at the post on the last race into second place was  Des Mc Mahon and Pat Biesty.   Iarlaith Cafferty  was well placed to take third position in his laser and he too was just ahead of other Instructor Roisin Fallon  who took fourth place.

It was a great weeekend and a great time for sailing to see all of these juniors and seniors take to the water and some for the first time.

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