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Well i think that is how some of this years crew would of described  this years cruise with the weather going from a  force 3 for a time on friday to force 2-3 on a balmy september Saturday and then force 5 gusting 6 for a time with plenty of rain on Sunday.

IMG 1564This year we had 13 people on our cruise and we all headed to Baltimore on Thursday evening where we were met by Con Minihan of Baltimore Yacht Charters.  After stowing our gear and going through the handover of checking out the boats and making sure that everything was in order and in its place then we adjourned to sample the pub life. For a Thursday night it was very quiet but considering everybody was minding themselves until they got out on the water the next day this wasn’t surprising. 

The next day was a nice morning with a force 2-3 north westerly wind, one of the boats went out around Sherkin past Cape Clear and south towards fastnet before heading west of the Mizen and over towards Castletown Bere and Bere Island we were taking a bit longer to get accustomed to the boat so we motored out the north passage and sailed south towards Mizen. Upon hoisting our Jib we noticed a tear in the leech of the sail so we pulled into SChull and Moored there while waiting for Con to come out with a replacement. He arrived out to us less than fifteen minutes after we had moored so we started  again once more and sailed and motor Sailed to Bere Island  For our second night we stayed in Lawrence's Cove and tied up to the Marina.  As we didn’t dock until about 7.00 we ate on board and again later went to visit the hostelries on Bere Island.  Due to work commitments one of the crew could only come down on Friday evening and he arrived down to us in the marina at 21:00 after travelling from Arizona that very morning.

IMG 0919Saturday Morning broke with the sun Shining and a nice south south westerly breeze force 2-3 and everybody in great form. we weren’t in any real rush to leave the marina so we took our time and again the boats split up with one heading for Piper Sound and the other going out the east side of the island and both heading towards Cape Clear.  While going through Piper sound it was interesting to see and show how the lighting system with sectored lights coming into the channel. As the wind had changed direction we again had to do some motor sailing and this time we passed within a few hundred metres just below the mizen head.

We sailed on from there and as we passed barley cove we looked in and could see that the other boat had pulled in. Not wanting to cramp their style we sailed on a bit and headed for Crookhaven.  The weather was perfect and we were in no real rush so we went in and dropped an anchor.  Some of the crew who were on the boat 2 or 3 years ago were reminsecing on how good the sea food was in the pub and wondered would it be alright if they went in to see had it changed much or was it just as good. We then made a decision if we were going to go into the town it would be better to stay the night so we changed from being anchored to tied up to a visitor mooring and we went in to crook haven and saw the last 10 minutes of the South Africa V Japan Match. after that we watched the highlights of the Ireland V Canada match and then back on board where we tied up the Dinghy and had some lovely food. 

By the time we were going to bed the wind had picked up a bit and i knew that conditions were going to be a bit fresher on the Sunday. after checking and double checking that we were tied on properly to the mooring.  The rain started in the middle of the night and Sunday morning it was not going to let up the forecast was for rain the whole day and force 5-6 south westerly winds increasing as the day went on.   This time our boat was the one to go outside Cape Clear and Sherkin while the others took the north Passage.  We though that the South Westerlies would give us a bit of shelter behind the islands but no the wind had changed to a southerly direction so once we rounded cape clear there was still lots of wind.  this helped us to get in to baltimore faster but there was still a lot of wind and tide before us at the entrance at barrack point and Lots wife.  Once we got into the bay it was a lot calmer and we followed the markings in to tie up against the pontoon at baltimore pier.  IT was a great weekend albiet a bit windy on Sunday but other than that we really enjoyed it. 

thankfully everyone made it home safe and sound on the Sunday night and probably had the best nights sleep of the whole weekend. Full Pictures on the facebook page  http://www.facebook.com/cullaunsailingclub




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